Mt. Zion Baptist Church In Steubenville, Ohio, Welcomes Jermaine Moore as New Bishop

A special ceremony was held this afternoon at the Mt. Zion Baptist church in Steubenville.

A pastoral installation was performed to officially appoint Jermaine Moore as the new bishop of the church.

Steubenville city officials took part in today’s ceremony.

Moore had been with the church since November and spoke very highly of the congregation he now will be leading.

“It’s always a pleasure and a blessing when you have good people around you that will rally around you, work with you and support you. You’re only as good as the people that are around you, and I’m very fortunate and blessed even to have great people surrounding me here at Mt. Zion Baptist Church,” says Bishop Jermaine Moore.

Members of the congregation also spoke highly of Moore, and say they are glad to have him a part of the church.

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Sean Eiler