WATCH: Video Reportedly Showing Anti-Christian Propaganda from North Korea Is Leaked Online

North Korea propaganda video footage featuring a priest in a ballet performance released on March 19, 2017.

A video which alleges to show anti-Christian propaganda broadcast on North Korean state television channel has been leaked online.

Hackers claim to have been able to stream a live feed of a television programme on the site 4chan featuring a number of musical performances and dance acts.

An hour of the broadcasting has since been uploaded to YouTube.

A ballet performance, which begins around the 13-minute mark, appears to show a priest wearing a large cross terrorising a mother and child.

Although it is difficult to prove the authenticity of the footage, Ben Rogers, East Asia Team Leader at advocacy charity Christian Solidarity Worldwide, told Premier there are a number of reports of anti-Christian propaganda about priests and missionaries harming children coming out of North Korea.

A new report by PSCORE, a Seoul-based NGO that assists North Korean refugees, suggests that children are being taught that Christianity is dangerous in schools.

The report also says: “The North Korean education systems goal is to idolise the ancestry of Kim Il-Sung, and thus, many North Koreans do not know the existence of religion.”

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SOURCE: Premier