Report: Uber Employees Charged With Boosting Diversity Were Denied Access to Diversity Info

© Tyrone Siu / Reuters

Recruiters at Uber Technologies Inc. are allegedly unable to access demographic information about the company’s employees as attempts have been made to increase diversity. Bloomberg, citing individuals in the know about Uber’s hiring procedure, reported on Friday that the recruiters “found it difficult” to do their jobs “without demographic data” on the current workforce. Bloomberg also reported that the company’s female software engineers have asked for diversity information and have been told that it was not being tracked. Some employees allegedly began compiling data themselves “in an attempt to determine which managers seemed friendliest to women,” a former employee told Bloomberg. Liane Hornsey, Uber’s HR chief, said the company’s first diversity report will be issued next week. “We’re spending a good deal of time reflecting on what will lead to true diversity and inclusion,” Hornsey told Bloomberg. “Clearly, this matter a lot to all of us and must underpin everything we do—it’s the foundation of positive cultural change.” At least six members of the recruiting team have reportedly left the company over the last year and a half.

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SOURCE: The Daily Beast Cheat Sheet