Ohio Pastors Say Their Resistance to Obama Transgender Bathroom Directive Was Rewarded With ‘Showers of Blessing’

A prayer event coordinated by the Richland Community Prayer Network on the square of the Richland County Seat, located in Mansfield, Ohio.

A group of Ohio pastors who garnered headlines last year for calling on state officials to resist then President Barack Obama’s transgender directive for schools say that this resistance was rewarded with “showers of blessing” for their community.

The Richland Community Prayer Network, a coalition of pastors based in Richland County, sent a letter in August of 2016 with over 100 signatures from clergy to Ohio state leadership demanding that they not implement President Obama’s directive that public schools allow transgender students to pick whatever bathrooms they want to use.

Pastor Randy Raynes of Fellowship Baptist Church of Mansfield, Ohio, one of the letter’s signatories, told American Family Radio that soon after the release of their letter, the county received what the radio station and the pastors dubbed “showers of blessing.”

“That’s one of the promises of the LORD in Deuteronomy 28 how that if GOD’s people will get right and God’s people would take a stand, that GOD would bless the nation in many different ways,” stated Raynes.

Pastor Eric Byrom of Mansfield Grace Fellowship echoed these sentiments to The Christian Post, explaining in an interview that “Deuteronomy 28 articulates various blessings that will happen when God’s laws are obeyed and respected.”

“God’s laws are similar to the laws of nature in that if they are followed, there will be specific results. For example, if we do not heed the law of gravity and jump off a cliff, we will fall and be injured or die,” said Byrom.

“In the same way, if we do not follow God’s laws as a nation, we will experience the curses described in Deuteronomy 28 for disobedience. Also, if we follow them, should we not expect to see the blessings?”

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SOURCE: The Christian Post
Michael Gryboski