Investor Sells President Trump’s Childhood Home for $2 Million

Donald Trump's childhood home. (Paramount Realty USA)
Donald Trump’s childhood home. (Paramount Realty USA)

A brief connection with Donald Trump will provide a happy return for the owner of an unassuming property in Queens, New York.

The two-story, Tudor-style home where Trump once lived as a child hit the auction block January 17, and we just learned that the home sold for $2.14 million once the hammer hit, according to the New York Post.

The new buyer is a real estate investor.

The home is unremarkable except for its historical link to the president, but that fact is key, the auction company’s principal auctioneer told The New York Times prior to the sale.

“It’s unique, and it has intangible value that goes beyond just the physical real estate,” Paramount Realty USA’s Misha Haghani told the Times. “You’re not actually getting anything of tangible value for the Trump association.”

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SOURCE: Dennis Green  
Business Insider