Focus on the Family Calls Facebook Live Rape of 15-Year-Old Chicago Girl ‘Simply Demonic’

In a statement, Facebook said it does not allow publication of graphic photos on the site [AP]
Evil was on display in Chicago and lots of people did nothing, says the spokesman for a well-known family ministry. 

A 15-year old Chicago girl was sexually assaulted by a group of young thugs live on Facebook, and none of the 40 people who watched reported it.

Now the girl and her family are getting threats on social media and are being harassed at their door.

“You see this on the news and it is just beyond comprehension and it’s beyond explanation,” observes Glenn Stanton of Focus on the Family.

Police are not naming the victim or her family, but the distraught mother told The Chicago Tribune that she’s in disbelief over what happened.

“I’m trying to be strong and not break down in front of her. I’m still in shock,” she said. “I got to get my kids out of this neighborhood. We gotta go. We gotta get out of here.”

Her daughter is strong, she told the newspaper, but no one is strong enough to avoid being scarred by an violence like this. The girl knew at least six of the males who assaulted her, police have said.

Any attempt to explain how this could happen rationalizes the crime, says Stanton, but nothing sane adds up to this.

“We don’t use the words evil and demonic very often – and often for good reasons because we don’t want to overstate things,” he tells OneNewsNow. “But this is just simply demonic.”

Steve Jordahl