Study Finds That Trust Between Married Couples is Stronger Than Between Unmarried Couples Who Live Together

Trust between married couples is typically stronger than between those who cohabit, new research commissioned by Christian relationship counsellors has found.

The study for Marriage Care – as well as Relate and Relationships Scotland – concluded mistrust and doubt levels are two and a half times higher among unmarried couples who live together.

Jenny Porter, head of client services, at Marriage Care told also told Premier the commitment required in a marriage means wed couples are more likely to stay together.

She said: “It’s in the vows that you make within the marriage service …that you’re making this commitment and I think, therefore, it’s much more upfront what you’re doing. You know what you’re going into.”

While 15 per cent of cohabiting couples had concerns over the commitment of the partner to their relationship, the figure was found to be six per cent for married couples.

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SOURCE:, Alex Williams