New WikiLeaks Documents Show How CIA Hacked Into iPhones and MacBooks

For years, the CIA has been developing tools for hacking into Apple products — and thanks to WikiLeaks, those tools are now public. Today, the group published a new set of documents dubbed “Dark Matter,” part of the ongoing Vault 7 publication on CIA hacking tools. Today’s documents focus specifically on Apple products, detailing the CIA’s methods for breaking into MacBooks and iPhones.

Most of the documents are more than seven years old, putting them significantly out of sync with the company’s current products, but they show a persistent effort to find and exploit weaknesses in Apple products. One tool, called “Sonic Screwdriver,” was used to infect MacBooks through a USB or Thunderbolt port, presumably deployed when the CIA has physical access to a device. Other implants install themselves in the computer’s firmware interface, making them undetectable through conventional forensic techniques.

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SOURCE: The Verge, Russell Brandom