Google’s Upcoming Operating System Touts Longer Battery Life and Better Notifications

Google is hoping its newest version of Android is sweeter than the last.

The search giant on Tuesday announced the next generation of its mobile software, which powers almost nine out of every 10 smartphones on the planet. For now, the software is just called Android O, and it’s an unfinished version, meant to give software developers a leg up before Google officially releases it.

For the uninitiated, Google names each new version of Android alphabetically and after a candy or sweet. For example, the previous version was called Nougat. Before that was Marshmallow, then Lollipop. So let the naming speculation begin. Android Oreo? Oatmeal cookie? (“O” is kind of a hard one.)

Among the new stuff: better battery-life features, more control over notifications, and a picture-in-picture mode for phones and tablets.

One of the biggest updates is a tweak meant to conserve your phone’s juice. To do that, Google will limit what apps can do while they are launched on your phone but not actively being used. For example, now apps won’t be able to do as much with location updates while they’re running in the background — which can be a big battery suck.

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SOURCE: Cnet, Richard Nieva