Pastor Richard Dent
Pastor Richard Dent

SHARON HILL, PA — An historic Delaware County church is counting its blessings after someone donated several million dollars to pay off the church’s mortgage.

Sunday services at the First African Baptist Church in Sharon Hill have been a staple in the town since 1903.

“We are distinct in that we have the privilege of being in the community for a long time and we’re very, very proud of what we do,” Pastor Richard Dent told Fox 29.

Pastor Dent explained that the historic landmark has grown in members and square footage over the last century, never predicting its biggest blessing would come this year.

“We got a call from Citizens Bank that said ‘you’re free of your mortgage,’” Pastor Dent said.

The surprise call came in January, notifying Pastor Dent that the church’s $4 million mortgage had been paid in full by an anonymous donor.

“This is a blessing,” he said. “It’s unexpected, but we just can’t stop giving. We just gave the Lord the credit. This could not have been done without Him.”

Pastor Dent points out many people may not be aware that it takes money to run a church: the lights, the air conditioning and the heat all have to be paid.

The miracle in Sharon Hill was met with a symbolic gesture.

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SOURCE: Fox 29