WATCH: After Battling Depression for 3 Years, Mandisa Returns With New “Out of the Darkness” Album

Mandisa releases “Out of the Dark” album on May 19, 2017.

Grammy Award-winning singer Mandisa is set to release her fifth album, Out of the Dark, following an intense three-year battle with depression.

Out of the Dark will be released on May 19 through Capitol CMG and is her first music release in four years. Mandisa took some time away from the music scene after being stuck in a bout of depression that left her feeling powerless. Fortunately, the “Overcomer” singer is back and this time is not allowing anything to stop her from sharing her experience through her album.

“My hope is that people will be on this journey with me,” the former “American Idol” contestant said in a statement shared with The Christian Post. “When I began, I was in a really dark place, but where I am today is so much better and so much lighter!”

Mandisa’s first single, “Unfinished,” was released last week and the song is an honest depiction of where she found herself in her time of darkness.

The lyrics read: “Not scared to say it; I used to be the one; Preaching it to you; That you could overcome; I still believe it; But it ain’t easy; Cause that world I painted; Where things just all work out; It started changing; And I started having doubts; And it got me so down.”

The singer isn’t only willing to be honest in her music, but she’s reportedly also going to share her experience on ABC’s “Good Morning America” on April 26, which will be her first television interview and performance in over three years.

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SOURCE: The Christian Post
Jeannie Law