Ohio Husband and Wife Found Dead in Bedroom by Their Four Children After Apparent Overdose

Brian and Courtney Halye (FACEBOOK)

Ohio couple Brian and Courtney Halye were found dead Thursday morning in their home in Centerville by their four children after they had peeked into their mom and dad’s bedroom after they failed to wake them up for school, according to multiple outlets.

Although authorities are still investigating the cause of death, Centerville police officer John Davis told WLWT that narcotics paraphernalia was found on the scene. A coroner has listed the preliminary cause of death as one that is consistent with a heroin or fentanyl overdose, NBC News reported.

A toxicology report will take four to six weeks, NBC News reported.

Brian, 36 and a pilot for Spirit Airlines, and Courtney, 34, each had two children from previous relationships — he, two daughters and she, a son and a daughter, ages 9, 10, 11, and 13. All the children are currently staying with relatives, WLWT reported.

Courtney’s 13-year-old son made the 911 call, WLWT reported — telling the operator, “I just woke up and my two parents are on the floor.”

“My sister said they’re not waking up,” he continued as the three sisters cried in the background. “They’re not breathing… They were very cold.”

He added that one of his sisters said their father was “pale” with black lines over his face.

According to office Davis, Brian and Courtney’s death is a symbol of the growing problem of America’s opioid addiction.

“This knows no demographic,” office Davis told NBC News. “It doesn’t matter how much you make or where you live or how education you are. It crosses every line, and that’s probably what’s most frustrating.”

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