731 People in New York Have Changed Gender on Their Birth Certificates in the Last 2 Years, the Youngest is a 5-Year-Old Child

New York City health officials say they’ve changed the gender listed on 731 birth certificates since January 2015.

Slightly more than half of the changes were from male to female.

The people ranged in age from 5 to 76 years, and 41 of them were under 18 with parental consent.

The city eased requirements for gender identification change applications in 2014. Before that, there were about 20 per year.

Last year, the health department also issued the first-ever birth certificate in the U.S. with “intersex” on the document, meaning the person didn’t fit traditional gender definitions.

Health Commissioner Mary Bassett says it’s crucial for New York to affirm a commitment to equality as other jurisdictions continue to adopt policies of discrimination against transgender people.

SOURCE: The Associated Press