Major Obamacare Enrollment Group Shuts Down

Enroll America, created to spur enrollment in the Affordable Care Act, is closing up shop a day after Obamacare enrollment declined.

The group said Thursday that it is shutting down now because it accomplished its goal of enrolling millions of people in Obamacare. Enroll America coordinated state programs to boost enrollment.

Enroll America is leaving with Obamacare’s future very much in doubt. The American Health Care Act, which advanced in a third committee vote Thursday, would repeal much of the law and partially replace it.

The group said it wasn’t ready for a political fight.

“The fight now is in the political and policy arena, and that is a fight that other capable and dedicated organizations are better positioned to take on than we are,” President Anne Filipic said in the group’s announcement.

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SOURCE: The Washington Examiner
Robert King