“Greenleaf” Star Greg Alan Williams Says the Show Is Changing How the World Sees Black People

OWN drama “Greenleaf” has taken the world by storm for its nuanced, emotional look into a fictional family’s deep secrets. But while the show’s incredible performances and storylines are what have drawn so many fans, one of the stars says it’s also about showing a side of Black culture that is often under-explored in Hollywood.

In the clip here, Greg Alan Williams, who plays Mac, says:

You have this intergenerational Black family drama, set in the church, which is thing that we’re all so familiar with and has nurtured so many of us in so many ways. It’s amazing to me. When I was a kid and we were having supper in the kitchen, and we heard a Black voice on television, we would rush to the living room to see who it was. Diahann Carroll, Ivan Dixon … who was it? Because it was so rare. So to be a part of it, as an actor, is something, I’ll be honest with you, I never thought I would be a part of.

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