Mother Abandons 2-Year-Old Daughter in California Grocery Store

Police are looking for a mother who abandoned her 2-year-old daughter at a grocery store in California over the weekend, officials reported Monday.

The mother can be seen on surveillance video walking into the Food 4 Less with the toddler by her side on Sunday. While inside the store the girl wandered off. Police say the mother never tried to find the toddler and instead continued to shop.

The suspect was identified as Chiengkham Vilaysane, according to Riverside Police Department spokesman Officer Ryan Railsback.

“When the mother was shopping, a good Samaritan brought the child to her and the mother responded, ‘Oh, just leave her,'” Officer Railsback said in a statement. “The mother deserted the toddler after she paid for the groceries.”

Railsback said police believe she intentionally left the toddler at the store.

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