Proposed New Law In France Seeks to Criminalize Any Website That Tries to Persuade a Woman Not to Have an Abortion

Rally against proposed France abortion law

The French pro-life movement risks being crippled by a proposed new law that would criminalize any website that tries to persuade a woman not to have an abortion.

Anyone convicted under the so-called ‘crime of digital interference’ law could get two years in prison and a $31,000 fine.

While the law passed the French Senate and National Assembly, it’s not law yet. It’s being reviewed by France’s highest legal body, the Constitutional Council (Conseil Constitutionnel).

If passed, as many expect, the law will make an already weak anti-abortion movement in France even weaker.

‘Fake News’ or Censorship?

France’s Socialist government says it’s trying to stop ‘fake news’ about abortion. Pro-life leaders call it censorship of their views, and they feel like their movement is being strangled.

“This law has the risk to suffocate the pro-life movement,” says Jean-Marie Le Méné, President of the Jerome LeJeune Foundation, one of France’s leading pro-life organizations.

He told us, “This new law is extremely dangerous because this limits the freedom of expression. First, it means that the government is deciding what is right and what is wrong, what we can tell about abortion and not.”

The law targets words and messages that might deter or dissuade women from having an abortion.

“This law goes pretty far,” says Le Méné, “since the mere fact of saying the truth could discourage a woman from having an abortion. Showing what an abortion is, is technically a deterrent (under this law). The fact of telling the truth about the consequences of abortion is dissuasive. Talking about post-abortion depression or psychological consequences is discouraging.  The truth is a dissuasive.”

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Dale Hurd