Christian ‘American Idol’ Alum La’Porsha Renae Says It’s a Choice To Be Gay: “I Chose To Be Heterosexual After Being Homosexual for 2 Years”

American Idol alum, La’Porsha Renae pulled the “I’m not homophobic, but…” card this week, with some comments on the LGBTQ lifestyle. After denying that she was homophobic, the singer went on Twitter on Wednesday (Mar. 8), and said that being gay was a “choice.” How does she know? Well, because Renae chose to be straight after a two-year stint of playing for the other team.

“Phobia is a fear. I’m not afraid of homosexuals, nor do I hate them. I respect and love EVERYONE,” Renae tweeted, only moments before presenting her argument. The singer, who came in second in the final season of the popular singing competition, went on to cite her own experience with sexuality as proof of her theory. “You’re wrong to think it’s not a choice for some….because it was for me,” she wrote. “I chose to be heterosexual after being homosexual for 2 years. I chose a belief system that felt TRUE to my spirit. #TRUTH.” Of course the LGBTQ community went nuts, shredding her comments to pieces, but Renae stood her ground. “U haven’t walked in my shoes, so don’t try to diagnose me…it’s not your place 2 tell me what I was/wasn’t,” she continued.



Following the social media frenzy, the Mississippi native issued a statement to The Huffington Post, elaborating on her initial claims. She attributed her choice to being heterosexual to her faith in God and Christianity. “I took a journey and became more grounded in my faith, and decided that I wanted to live a heterosexual life,” her letter reads. “Some people believe they chose homosexuality and some believe they didn’t. Who’s to say one is wrong? It’s not fair to generalize anyone’s sexuality or walk of life.”

She concluded the statement by saying that everyone has a right to believe in whatever they choose and express those views freely. “We don’t have to have the same truths or personal belief systems to love one another and get along… Everyone should have the right to believe in what they believe in and to live their lives the way they feel they want to,” she added. And as for her relationship with the LGBTQ community, she has nothing against them. “Anyone is welcome to hang out with me and have fun, or sit down with me and talk.”

SOURCE: Vibe – Jessica McKinney