Study say Women Watch Pornogrophy On Their Mobile Phones More Often Than Men

While men still account for the vast majority of pornography consumed online, around a quarter is thought to be consumed by women.

Now a new report has revealed that women are actually more likely to watch porn on their mobile phones than men.

Currently, about 72% of worldwide traffic to porn sites comes from smartphones and tablets, with the remaining 28% coming from desktops. However, mobile use is much higher with women than men.

As of February 2017, nearly 80% of female traffic comes from mobile devices (71% smartphones and 8% tablets), compared to about 69% for men.

In the UK, that number is even higher, with 86% of female traffic coming from mobile devices – 15% more than men.

When broken down by female age groups, the largest proportion of smartphone use (78%) comes from millennials aged 18-34.

Visits from desktop computers and tablets both increase by age, with less than 50% of women over the age of 55 using their smartphones to view smutty videos.

Device usage is similar with men, with smartphones being consistently more popular with younger visitors.

However, regardless of the age group, women are always around 10% more likely to be using a mobile device.

The research was carried out my Pornhub to mark International Women’s Day on March 8.

SOURCE: Mirror