CITYChurch in Winston Salem to Promote Diversity with Former Negro League Player Henry Mason

Many people believe that the church is the one of the least diverse places left in the country. Some are often classified as a Black, White or Hispanic church when most believe it should simply be a church with no designation to color.

CITYChurch Winston believes that the gospel makes a difference in real life. Its mission is to be a community that exists despite the differences. In an effort to practice what it preaches CITYChurch is bringing former Negro League player Henry Mason, who is now working in ministry, to speak and answer questions following the morning service on Sunday, March 26.

CITYChurch Lead Servant, Chris Jones, said he has always tried to help spread diversity in the church, whether it be his own or other churches around the city. CITYChurch holds its worship services at Kennedy High School, at 890 E. 11 St. Winston-Salem.

“I think it breaks the heart of God that the church is still one of the most segregated places in America, especially in the South,” Jones said. “So when we started the church, it was with the intention of breaking down some of those walls. It has been a more difficult task than we felt it should be at times.”

Jones says one of the church leaders came to him about the idea of bringing in a Negro League player to speak to the congregation, and Jones jumped at the opportunity.

“He is one of the younger Negro League players that are left,” Jones continued. “Ten or 15 years from now these voices are just not going to be here, so we wanted to take advantage of hearing his experiences and what that meant to him.”

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Source: Winston Salem Chronicle | TIMOTHY RAMSEY