Ex-Children’s Aid Official Convicted of Murdering Boss at North Philly Bus Stop

Police were able to piece together the gunman’s path from security camera videos.

A social services official at a private Philadelphia children’s aid organization was found guilty of first-degree murder Monday in what the prosecutor called the execution of his boss a day after she confronted him about $42,000 in missing funds.

Randolph Sanders, 39, of Northeast Philadelphia, was found guilty by a Common Pleas Court jury in the Jan. 13, 2015, shooting of Kim Jones, 56, as she waited for a bus from her home in the Yorktown neighborhood in North Philadelphia to her job as a program director for Turning Points for Children in Center City.

Sanders began rubbing his face with his hands as the foreman of the jury of seven men and five women announced the verdict after two hours of deliberating.

The first-degree murder verdict carried a mandatory sentence of life in prison without parole. Judge Glenn B. Bronson immediately sentenced Sanders and added consecutive sentences of 8½ to 17 years in prison for three gun charges of which Sanders was found guilty.

Sanders thanked Bronson for a fair trial and said, “I’m sorry for this entire situation. I understand what’s shown on the video, but I still stand by my innocence.

“I did not do this. I didn’t steal any money, and I didn’t do this to Kim,” Sanders added. “I would never do this to Kim.”

Bronson said the verdict was based on some of “the most overwhelming evidence in a case I have ever seen in 35 years as a judge and a lawyer.”

That evidence included Sanders’ confession to the slaying in an interview that was transcribed by homicide detectives and then recorded on video.

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SOURCE: Philly.com
Joseph A. Slobodzian