Here We Go: New Hampshire Bill Could Require Churches to Open Restrooms to ‘Transgenders’

Churches could be impacted by a new transgender bill that is currently before the New Hampshire legislature and an organization advocating traditional values is rallying citizens to challenge the proposed problematic legislation.

The New Hampshire General Court – which acts as the state’s legislature – is considering a radical bill, also known as HB-478, to add gender self-identity to the state’s anti-discrimination law. This means that anyone who says that he is the opposite gender has complete freedom to invade women’s facilities.

Carolyn McKinney, who serves with Cornerstone Action of New Hampshire, is concerned that this proposed measure will greatly jeopardize the privacy and safety of women and children across the state.

“This really opens up our women’s private spaces to sexual predators and voyeurs – and all sorts of people who may use this law to their advantage to gain access to victims,” the conservative activist insists.

According to McKinney, proponents of the controversial measure do not appear to understand that many men who claim to be transgender are still attracted to women.

McKinney argues that the proposal is crafted so that it could require churches to let the potential “transgender” sexual predators in their women’s facilities.

It is also contended that the proposed legislation could impact how pastors preach in the sanctuary.

“We really see that religious liberty is at risk – the safety and privacy of women is at risk … the freedom of business owners and charities and ministries and non-profit organizations,” the pro-family advocate from the Granite State asserted. “All these rights are put at risk.”

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Charlie Butts