North Hills Baptist Church in Marietta, Ohio, Welcomes New Pastor

North Hills Baptist Church announces the arrival of its new pastor Jeffery D. Paschall and family on Sunday, March 5. Paschall and his family are moving from Westminster, Colo., to Oak Grove. Paschall, age 35, and his wife, Rebecca, have three children, Nehemiah, age 7, Ezekiel, age 5, and infant, Samuel.

After completing an internship with the Atlanta Braves, Jeff worked as the head certified athletic trainer with 800 athletes at Heritage High School in Littleton, Colo. He realized an overwhelming enjoyment in serving at his church and was called to the ministry. Jeff graduated from the Southern Theological Seminary in Louisville, Ky., with a Master of Divinity Degree in 2011. He interned at the Louisville Highview Baptist Church, where he taught the FAITH evangelism program, implemented outreach programs, worked with men’s ministries and assisted in the AWANA Program. During seminary he also worked with homeless shelters, food banks and abroad in China and Malaysia establishing housing for victims of Aids, illness and sex trafficking in that region.

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Source: Marietta Times