Mike Pence Turns Over 13 Boxes of Emails to Indiana Statehouse Amid Controversy

Attorneys for Vice President Pence delivered 13 boxes of state-related emails to the Indiana Statehouse on Thursday in an effort to make sure they are archived as required by law.

The move came the same day The Indianapolis Star revealed that Pence used a personal AOL account to conduct public business as Indiana governor, raising questions about whether all of his emails regarding state matters were within public reach during his time in office.

“Yesterday we received a large delivery of paper documents,” said Stephanie Wilson, a spokeswoman for Gov. Eric Holcomb, who succeeded Pence in January. “And we understand there is more to come.”

She said state officials have not fully reviewed the contents yet.

“It’s been expressed to us that a lot of what’s in those boxes, if not everything, we already have,” she said. “But we haven’t verified that.”

Pence spokesman Marc Lotter said the records contain emails to and from government accounts, as well as emails between Pence’s AOL email account and other non-state government email accounts. He declined to characterize the emails beyond that.

Although he did not mention it during an interview earlier in the day, Lotter said Friday night that Pence’s attorneys first attempted to deliver boxes of emails Jan. 9, Pence’s last day in office. But Lotter said that amid Holcomb’s inauguration activities, there was a “lack of clarity (about) what to do with them,” so the attorneys brought the records back to the law firm’s offices.

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SOURCE: USA Today; The Indianapolis Star, Tony Cook