One Million Moms Launch Petition Against Disney After Cartoon Features ‘Unbiblical’ Gay Kisses

A Disney XD show displays several gay kisses on an episode of popular cartoon “Star vs. The Forces of Evil” on Monday, February 28, 2017.

Disney’s portrayal of gay characters kissing on a popular cartoon show has prompted One Million Moms to launch a petition against the media giant. Meanwhile, evangelists Ray Comfort and Ken Ham have invited children to come visit the Ark Encounter as an alternative.

“Alerting all parents! In a first for the Disney Channel, a Disney XD show subtly displayed several gay kisses in an episode that aired a couple of days ago,” One Million Moms said in its petition, signed by over 32,000 people as of Friday morning.

The recent “Star vs. the Forces of Evil” episode in question depicted gay couples kissing among others during a boy band concert, which has been reported as the first on-screen same-sex PDA on a Disney cartoon show.

The conservative group argued that Disney has been “under pressure” by the gay community to portray openly gay relationships.

“This is the last place parents would expect their children to be confronted with content regarding sexual orientation. Issues of this nature are being introduced too early and too soon, and it is becoming extremely common and unnecessary,” the petition reads.

Disney has said that its brand has “always been inclusive, with stories that reflect acceptance and tolerance and celebrate the differences that make our characters uniquely wonderful in their own way.”

Christian figures such as Ken Ham, a young earth creationist who is the CEO of the Ark Encounter, the life-sized Noah’s Ark theme park in Kentucky, are urging parents not to support the “unbiblical” company.

“They’re redefining the family—do you want to entrust your kids to be influenced by Disney?” Ham asked parents in a Facebook post.

“Take the kids to real family-friendly attractions like the Ark Encounter and Creation Museum,” he encouraged. “These two family attractions honor and stay true to God’s Word in all areas, including marriage and gender.”

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SOURCE: The Christian Post
Stoyan Zaimov