Lecrae Praises ‘The Shack’ for Challenging Him to Think About His Own Relationship With His Father

In a Studio 5 exclusive, Lecrae said, “It really challenged me in a lot of ways because it made me have to think about my own relationship with my father.”

The Shack is William Paul Young’s fictional account of a grieving father whose faith is shaken after a devastating tragedy. He’s left wondering how a good God can allow his nightmare to happen.

Lecrae has written and rapped about his personal struggles after being abandoned by his own father as child.

Lecrae’s song on the project is called “River of Jordan,” and features singer-songwriter Breyan Isaac. Together, Lecrae and Isaac create a song with a powerful message.

Lecrae said, “I think the take away for people listening to the song is that none of us are perfect and we have to drop this guard of kind of self righteousness that we all have together and say, ‘listen, this is who I am. These are my flaws and this is all that I have going on’.”

He added, “If God can accept me in this state, then people should as well.”

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Efrem Graham