Carly Fiorina Advises Washington to Take a Cue from the Business Community and Step Out of the Transgender Debate

Former presidential candidate Carly Fiorina says Washington needs to take a cue from the business community and step out of the transgender debate.

“When I was the CEO of Hewlett-Packard we had several transgender employees that worked closely with me and we found a way to respect them and accommodate them without disrespecting others,” she told CBN News.

Fiorina says the issue is best solved at the local level, as it has been until now.  “We worked it out at Hewlett-Packard and school districts all over this country have worked it out quietly. Transgender students aren’t a new thing,” she said.

Fiorina says making it a national political issue destroys the ability for people to come together around a sensitive area. “When you put a situation like that that’s delicate, where there are reasonable points of view on both sides, when you put that into national politics–when you put that into the crucible of the bright, white spotlight of the national media, all of that subtlety and ability to work it out in reasonable ways disappears,” she said.

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