AT&T Expands Options for Its Unlimited Wireless Plan

You didn’t really think the “unlimited” plan wireless wars were over now, did you?

The latest salvo comes from AT&T, which announced two new optional plans on Monday. The first is called Unlimited Plus, and it restores some kind of benefit to AT&T wireless customers who also subscribe to one of the company’s pay-TV services: either DirecTV, or U-verse TV.

Customers who opt-in to Unlimited Plus receive a $25 credit on their monthly video bill. But DirecTV Now customers, who weren’t previously eligible for an unlimited wireless benefit before, can also get the bill credit, which can lower the monthly cost of that service to as little as $10 a month once the credit kicks in.

It was only a couple of weeks ago that AT&T dropped the requirement for customers who wanted unlimited to tether it to their DirecTV or U-verse subscriptions.

Unlimited Plus customers can also get 10 GB of tethering per smartphone (after 10 GB, max speed 128Kbps), plus the option to connect a tablet and other devices for $20 a month, and the ability to add premium video through DirecTV. The combined price (assuming you get a discount for AutoPay and paperless billing and after the credit) is $115 a month to start.

Customers who still want unlimited wireless on AT&T without tying it to a TV subscription have that option.

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SOURCE: USA Today, Edward C. Baig