Muslim-Turned-Christian Nonie Darwish Says Islam is ‘a Rebellion Against the Bible’

Nahid “Nonie” Darwish, author of Wholly Different: Why I Chose Biblical Values Over Islamic Values, who was born in Cairo, Egypt, and raised a devout Muslim but now resides in Los Angeles and is an sincere Christian, believes the problem facing the West extends beyond radical groups like the Islamic State and al-Qaeda.

A veteran writer on these issues, the author believes Americans are at a crossroads and must engage the ideas underpinning the terror attacks that are being carried out by Muslims and injustices occurring in the Islamic world while not getting lost in obscurities about Muslims as a whole.

“It’s not because Muslim people are bad or good,” Darwish said in interview with The Christian Post. “It’s very important that the West understand that.”

“We are talking about an ideology, not people,” she insisted, noting that the mainstream media often “muddy the water” on this.

But when Darwish, and others, dares raise this issue, some claim that she also paints with too broad a brush, assigning the worst motive to Muslims rather engage in criticism of the ideas emanating from Islamic theology itself.

But this is a departure from past debates about other political creeds, she says.

With European fascism and Soviet Communism, for example, “we didn’t call every Russian evil, every German was not evil during Nazi Germany, so we should get beyond that now,” Darwish said.

“Ideology is everything,” she continued. “It defines the culture that we live in, the standards by which we live,” and Islamic values are “the measurement of what good behavior is in the Muslim world.”

And those values are not good, she reiterated.

Each chapter in the book showcases a specific aspect about the Bible and Christianity and how it contrasts sharply with the Quran and Islam.

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Brandon Showalter