Detroit Restaurant Blufin Sushi Faces Allegations of Racism

An attorney for Blufin Sushi is pushing back against allegations that staff mistreated three black patrons, saying the women were asked to move to another area of the bar — not to leave — to make way for other customers who were waiting to eat on a crowded Saturday night.

Attorney David Draper played footage from the Grosse Pointe Farms restaurant’s security cameras at a news conference today. He said the footage shows the women were never physically assaulted and disputes their claims that they were the only black patrons there.

“There was no racism,” he said. “There was no assault at the Blufin Sushi bar.”

TaNisha Prater and her friends Adrienne Savage and Kimberly Hudson said they went on a monthly girls’ night out gathering at Blufin Sushi on Saturday. The women said they were sitting at the bar when a manager asked them to give up their seats for other customers who wanted to sit at the bar.

Prater, owner of the Thrift on the Avenue store in Detroit’s Midtown, said that she and her friends looked around and realized “we were the only African-American patrons at the time.”

“We asked why did she ask for us to relinquish our seat,” Prater said, adding that the manager did not answer. Prater said they hadn’t yet finished their drinks.

“I believe it’s because we’re African American,” Prater said she told the manager, who Prater said responded: “That’s it, I’m done talking with you,” and said she was calling the police.

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Source: Detroit Free Press | Ann Zaniewski