Gamer Brian Vigneault Mysteriously Dies in Middle of Day-long Streaming Session for Charity

A picture taken from Mr Vigneault's Facebook (Brian Vigneault)
A picture taken from Mr Vigneault’s Facebook (Brian Vigneault)

A video game livestreamer has mysteriously died after taking part in a day-long challenge.

Brian Vigneault, who was known to his friends and fans as Poshybrid online, intended to run a 24-hour livestream of himself playing games as part of a challenge to raise money for the Make A Wish Foundation. But 22 hours into the stream, Mr Vigneault went for a cigarette and didn’t return to the computer.

Fans later discovered that he had collapsed and died while away from the video. That information was shared by first responders who arrived at Mr Vigneault’s house the morning after the stream, and used a computer logged into his chat app to confirm the news with a friend.

Playing video games for extreme lengths of time isn’t obviously strenuous, but can lead to problems for the body. There are reasonably regular reports from countries including Korea of people who have been sat playing for too long, causing damage to the body of people who play.

Livestreamers say that they are increasingly encouraged to host videos for as long as they can, as a way of standing out amid a huge range of people looking for exposure.

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SOURCE: Andrew Griffin 
The Independent