Morehouse College Celebrates 150th Anniversary

This week marks the 150th anniversary of the founding of Morehouse College. Over the past 150 years, Morehouse College has been home to some of the best and brightest black leaders in the world. Only two years after the American Civil War, the Augusta Institute was established by Rev. William Jefferson White, an Atlanta Baptist priest and cabinetmaker (William Jefferson White’s relative James E. Tate, was one of the organizers of Atlanta University, now known as Clark Atlanta University), with the support of the Rev. Richard C. Coulter, a previous slave from Atlanta, Georgia, and the Rev. Edmund Turney, coordinator of the National Theological Institute For Instructing Freedmen in Washington, D.C.

The college was established to teach African American men in religious philosophy and training and was situated in Springfield Baptist Church (Augusta, Georgia), the most seasoned autonomous black church in the United States. The organization moved from Augusta, Georgia to Atlanta, Georgia in 1879. The school got sponsorship from the American Baptist Home Mission Society, an association that built up a few generally dark colleges. The Institute’s first president was Rev. Dr. Joseph T. Robert (1871-1884). An abolitionist subjugation Baptist serve from South Carolina and 1828 graduate of Brown University, Robert raised assets, educated the classes, and balanced out the establishment. Honorable alumni include Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr, Maynard Jackson, Samuel L. Jackson, Spike Lee and many others.

In 2007, Morehouse graduated 540 men, one of the largest classes in its history. On May 16, 2008, Joshua Packwood transformed into the first white valedictorian to graduate in the school’s 141-year history. In August 2008, Morehouse regarded a total of 920 new understudies (770 green beans and 150 understudies from other schools) to its grounds, one of the greatest entering classes ever.

Morehouse applauded a couple of significant defining moments in 2013. 100 years back, in 1913, Atlanta Baptist College was renamed Morehouse College after Henry Lyman Morehouse, relating secretary for the American Baptist Home Mission Society. 2013 was furthermore the 50th celebration of the 1963 March on Washington, when Morehouse graduate the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr., class of 1948, delivered his striking “I Have a Dream” speech in Washington, D.C. The year moreover indicated the 50th recognition of King’s “Letter from a Birmingham Jail.” The College also complimented the 25th celebration of the “A Candle in the Dark” Gala, which regards a part of the world’s pioneers and raises concede stores for Morehouse understudies.

In May 2013, President Barack Obama transformed into the primary sitting president in seventy five percent of a century to pass on a starting area in Georgia when he took an interest in Morehouse College’s 129th Commencement work. Franklin Delano Roosevelt gave a late spring start address at the University of Georgia in 1938. President Obama got a favored Doctor of Laws degree from Morehouse.

The Morehouse Board of Trustees has 37 people, including 3 understudy trustees and 3 work force trustees. As of December 2014, five of the six authority board people and seven of the 31 general trustees are of Morehouse graduated classes.

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SOURCE: Joy105 – Kyle Cobb