Coptic Christian Teacher Shot to Death by Islamic Militants in Sinai

A Coptic Christian teacher in northern Sinai was shot to death by suspected Islamic militants while he was on his way to school, according to a security chief in Egypt.

Gamal Tawfiq, 50, was walking from his home to the El-Samran School in el-Arish, Egypt when two suspected Islamic militants gunned him down. This is the second time that suspected militants have killed a Christian within a span of one week, the Associated Press notes.

A school official of El-Samran, who spoke under condition of anonymity, confirmed Tawfiq’s death but did not reveal further information.

In a separate incident in the city of el-Arish on Sunday, suspected militants also shot to death a local Christian veterinarian named Bahgat Zakher. A merchant named Wael Milad, who is also a Coptic Christian, was also killed by assailants who barged into his store.

Last year, several Christians in Sinai died at the hands of Islamic militants, including a priest named Rafael Moussa and health ministry worker Massak Nasrallah. Coptic Watani daily says Nasrallah was stopped by militants on the road to el-Arish and was gunned down when they learned he was a Christian.

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SOURCE: Christian Daily, Lorraine Caballero