‘Same-Sex Attracted’ British Pastor Who Affirms Biblical Definition of Marriage Says He’s Bullied by Those In the Church Who Support Homosexual Marriage

Pastor Sam Allberry addressing the Church of England General Synod in London in a video posted on February 15, 2017.

A British pastor who describes himself as “same-sex attracted,” but who affirms the biblical definition of marriage between one man and one woman, has revealed that while he was bullied in school for being gay, he now feels bullied by those within the Church who support gay marriage.

“I am same-sex attracted and have been my entire life. By that, I mean that I have sexual, romantic and deep emotional attractions to people of the same sex. I choose to describe myself this way because sexuality is not a matter of identity for me, and that has become good news,” said Sam Allberry, a pastor in Maidenhead who has authored books such as Is God Anti-Gay? speaking at the Church of England’s General Synod.

“My primary sense of worth and fulfillment as a human being is not contingent on being romantically or sexually fulfilled, and this is liberating,” Allberry said in his speech, with the video uploaded online by Christian Concern.

The pastor pointed out that Jesus Christ was never married or had romantic relationships, and so it would be wrong to call romantic pursuits intrinsic to human fulfillment.

“I have met literally hundreds of Christians in my situation, and know of thousands more, who are same-sex attracted, and who joyfully affirm the traditional understanding of marriage being between a man and a woman, and the only Godly context for sex. If you do not hear from more of us, it is because it is really hard to stand up and describe ourselves in this way,” he continued.

Allberry pointed out, however, that the Church is no longer a “safe place” for him.

“By Church I do not mean my congregation, I mean this Synod,” he clarified.

“I was bullied at school for being gay. I now feel I’m being bullied at Synod for being same-sex attracted and faithful to the teaching of Jesus on marriage.”

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SOURCE: The Christian Post
Stoyan Zaimov