A Warning To Immigrants: Sanctuary Churches May Not Help To Protect You From ICE Agents’ Enforcement Operations


Dozens of home-sweeps targeting undocumented immigrants across the country have sparked a wave of panic in San Diego.

Local churches are preparing for the worst and are offering refuge to those who are seeking refuge.

Pastor Bill Jenkins says his doors are wide open. He has helped refugee men and women in the past at the United Methodist Church in Normal Heights.

“I get calls all the time, of people who are particularly women and children,” said Pastor Jenkins.

He’s talking about the coordinated sweeps that have deported hundreds of undocumented immigrants across the country since President Donald Trump signed an executive order to enforce the country’s immigration laws.

Immigration officials say the enforcement actions are nothing new.

President Trump’s executive order states the Secretary of Homeland Security will prioritize the deportation of people who have been convicted or charged with any criminal offense. Others, who have participated in something that can potentially be chargeable, can also be detained. According to President Trump’s executive order, ICE and border patrol agents have the right to detain a person if they feel that person is a risk to public safety or national security.

During Secretary of Homeland Security John Kelly’s visit to San Diego Friday, he addressed the issue.

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SOURCE: NBC San Diego – Astrid Solorzano