WATCH: Perry Noble Says Rehab Was ‘Closest to Hell I’ve Ever Been In My Life’ In Comeback Message of Redemption

Founder of NewSpring Church in South Carolina preaches at Elevation Church in North Carolina on Saturday, February 4, 2016.

In a rousing comeback message of redemption on Saturday, former NewSpring Church Pastor Perry Noble who lost his job last summer due to alcoholism said rehab was the “closest to Hell I’ve ever been in my life” and that God told him “I’m not finished with you yet.”

Weeks after shooting down concerns that he was returning to ministry too soon after his July 2016 firing from NewSpring Church in South Carolina, Noble returned to the pulpit at Elevation Church with the blessing of his friend and confidante, Steven Furtick, armed with a word for “jacked up” Christians who have fallen.

“If you don’t know, probably know, back in July I lost my job drinking too much and I got to go to something called rehab. I’m not gonna ask for a show of hands if you’ve ever been to rehab because it’s probably the closest to Hell I’ve ever been in my life,” said Noble in a recording of the sermon made public by Elevation Church in North Carolina.

“The rehab place that I went to was in Tucson, Arizona, in July. Nobody goes to Tucson in July unless you’re in rehab. The day I got there it was 107 degrees and there were snakes. I hate snakes,” he said.

Noble explained that about the fourth night of his time at the Tucson facility he experienced his lowest point and had started to feel like everything was lost so he went for a walk. It was during the walk, he said, that God spoke to him.

“I never will forget watching the sunset and it’s the closest I’ve ever come to hearing God audibly whisper to me, ‘I’m not finished with you yet,'” he said, to standing ovation after choking up during the memory.

“I don’t say that so you can leave tonight thinking that’s so great that God spoke to him and told him ‘I’m not finished with you yet.’ I’m saying, if God can say this to somebody as messed up like me surely there is somebody here tonight that walked in this room feeling defeated and maybe God’s whispering to you saying, ‘I’m not finished with you yet,'” Noble added.

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SOURCE: The Christian Post
Leonardo Blair