New Film Calls on Churches to Minister to Mothers and Their Preborn Children

A new film is calling on the church to minister to mothers and their preborn children.

The short film “Sing a Little Louder” – produced by Kingdom Works Studios – is about a church service during World War II in Nazi German. A train transporting Jews to a concentration camp to be exterminated stops beside the church while the congregation is meeting. Rather than responding to the cries of the Jews for help, the pastor and church members simply begin singing a hymn – then singing a little louder in hopes of drowning out those cries.

More than six million Jews died in the Holocaust during WWII. This 12-minute film, which is available free for churches to download and view, challenges believers not to “sing a little louder” in response to the modern-day abortion Holocaust in the U.S., in which an estimated 58 million preborn babies have died since abortion was legalized in 1973.

“We want to challenge the church,” Luke Gibbons, spokesman for Kingdom Works tells OneNewsNow, “to step up and be the hands and feet of Jesus to people – like mothers who are facing a difficult decision. We want to speak out for the unborn children as well.”

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Charlie Butts