Over 44,000 People Attend 2017 ‘Super Bowl of Preaching’ at Ohio Megachurch

Over 40,000 people cheered on their sides in an intense preach-off with all the competitive spectacle of the Super Bowl.

Crossroads Senior pastor Brian Tome said the rivalry is intense, but the message is one of bringing people together.

“It’s a national holiday. It doesn’t matter what your religion, what your spirituality is, Americans come together during the Super Bowl, so we thought let’s get together and have a little competition Super Bowl and some spiritual growth,” Tome said.

The Crossroads congregation has been coming together for the Super Bowl of Preaching for over 14 years, and the production keeps on getting bigger and bigger with everyone getting ready for some football.

Crossroads Oakley campus leader Chuck Mingo said the two-day event fits the spirit of Crossroads community.

“It’s a lot of fun. And it’s something different. And it’s accessible to everybody. You don’t have to come and have any assumptions about what to believe,” Mingo said.”

Over 40,000 people kicked off, passed and punted their way through this weekend’s 34 services, while two preachers battled it out like the teams on the gridiron.

From the cheering fans, to the commercials and even a few trick plays, with members of this congregation, like Jenn Sperry, saying she’s scoring in a bigger end zone.

“I never knew I could have this much fun at church. That’s it right there. That’s the whole reason behind why we do what we do,” Sperry said.

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Richard Chiles