Missouri Man Fatally Stabs Worship Leader Wife Following Argument After Church as Their Children Listen

The late Yadira Gomez, 33, and her three children. Her husband, Vicente Roldan-Marron, 46 (inset), is charged with killing her at their apartment in Independence, Missouri, on Sunday, January 29, 2017, after returned home from church.

A Missouri man who claims he can’t remember murdering his wife has been charged with first-degree murder and armed criminal action after his children told police he butchered their mother inside the family’s home after a nasty argument at church on Sunday.

Court documents cited by Fox4KC said the children, all younger than 10, told teachers at their school on Monday that their father, Vicente Roldan-Marron, 46, had killed their mother, Yadira Gomez, 33.

Local police were alerted by the school and on investigation found Roldan-Marron at the family’s apartment. Gomez had multiple stab wounds and a bloody knife was discovered near her body.

According to court documents the couple’s oldest child, a 9-year-old boy, told investigators his mother and father were arguing after church on Sunday and they started to fight.

He said he and his siblings then went downstairs. He then heard his father scream: “Why did I do that, and it was really dumb.”

The boy later went upstairs to the apartment to investigate and found his mother lying on the bedroom floor covered in blood with a large knife next to her.

After his arrest, Roldan-Marron claimed he blacked out after drinking and taking pills. He argued that he must have killed his wife, but couldn’t recall what happened.

Court documents reveal that the troubled couple received marriage counseling at Kayros Church of the Nazarene on Sunday.

Pastor Douglas Galvan declined to comment to Fox4KC about Roldan-Marron’s behavior at church that day. But the couple’s 9-year-old son told investigators his mother was upset by his father’s behavior.

Gomez, who was Galvan’s worship leader, said the first time he heard her sing he was moved.

“One day I was in a back office and heard someone sing and I said to myself, who is singing?” Galvan recalled. “I thought it was audio track, then I thought, ‘wow, what a voice she has.’ That is how she became more and more involved with the church. She wanted to change her life.”

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SOURCE: The Christian Post
Leonardo Blair