Inspired By Women’s Marches, House of Hope Atlanta Unites Women From Across Atlanta To Pray For the Nation, Church, and Women’s Issues

A little prayer, song, and fellowship never hurt anyone. Women’s prayer service is one of the many ways that House of Hope Atlanta is uniting the community and staying abreast with current events in this country. The event began with the singing of an Old Baptist Hymn ‘Lord We Will Wait’ symbolizing the African-African women’s ability to patiently allow God to direct her life as she only seeks to please him.

Approximately 250 women were gathered in House of Hope’s Sanctuary early Saturday morning filled with the word of God. This was no ordinary Saturday morning Bible study. The atmosphere was very full and exciting, even sometimes resembling a Sunday morning service.

They utilized a hour to give praise and thanks to God, along with praying for the leadership and direction of this country. Many poignant topics arose during the prayer breakfast. Such as government leaders, women’s suffrage, domestic relationships, equal pay for equal work, etc. Most of the prayers were dedicated to the leadership of the enterprising church (House of Hope-Atlanta) which envisions 2017 as a year of progress and immense prosperity.

I was able to speak with Dr. E Dewey Smith after the breakfast concluded. He vehemently stated, “I was deeply impacted by the marches led by women after the inauguration. The strength and diversity was overwhelming. Women have always been the backbone of the African-American community. Women are the foundation. That will continue!”

There was not an empty seat in the house as women poured in all the way until the half hour mark. Among the notable attendees was the first lady of House of Hope, Mrs. Brianna Sharpe. I was also able to speak with her after the breakfast. Ms. Sharpe exclaimed, “this was an extremely powerful atmosphere and I think that it should be done more often.” She ended her remarks with, “typically, when women get together and pray things change.”

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SOURCE: Joy105 – Kyle Cobb