How Players and Churches Honored God on Superbowl Sunday

As the national media gave much attention to Superbowl LI, a number of churchgoers were tuning in to hear three players talk about their faith on the big screen.  

Receivers Brandon Marshall, Anquan Boldin and former New York Jets offensive lineman D’Brickashaw Ferguson and their wives shared their testimony during the annual “Football Sunday” program.

“Football Sunday” is an annual evangelistic program produced by Pro Athletes Outreach. Pro Athletes Outreach is the media arm of the Increase, a website that allows Christian professional athletes to share their stories and words of encouragement, The Christian Post reports.

This year’s event was hosted by Baltimore Ravens tight end Benjamin Watson and his wife, Kristen.

The free downloadable program allowed pastors to broadcast during church services on Super Bowl Sunday. The hope was that members would be able to encourage non-churchgoing friends to attend service.

“‘Football Sunday’ is an opportunity for churches around the world to stream a made-for-service video that pastors can use for the Super Bowl,” Watson told the Post. “Everybody is excited about Super Bowl Sunday and it gives pastors the opportunity to do something football oriented or football themed for service.”

“There is an opportunity for pastors to use all of it or some of it. It is a time where people can say, ‘Look, it is Super Bowl Sunday!’ Everybody is excited about football and they can invite their friends to church to watch a special video,” Watson added. “It is an evangelistic tool.”

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Talia Wise