How Pastors Should Handle Ministry Success

Beware of This Trap

One of the awesome things is that in the New Testament, Peter preached a sermon, and three thousand people came to know Christ. Though the Lord doesn’t often do large, famous, and fast things, he sometimes does. And some of us get to experience that.

I think the trap is starting to believe that because the ministry I’m doing is numerically blessed, then I’m blessed—I’m favored. I must not be like other people, because of all this numerical growth that is happening.

What we need to remember is that blessedness involves things like poverty of spirit, mourning, meekness, pursuing righteousness, and mercy. That’s the favor of God.

When we see numerical growth, we’re just experiencing God being faithful to his promise to bless his Word. And he does it like the Spirit who is like the wind, according to his will.

So watch out for this trap. Give thanks to God for what he’s doing and watch out for the whisper from the enemy that says, “Ah, you must be something special!” Watch out for that. That’s not from the Lord. He already thought you were special long before all these people showed up. It’s not his voice that says otherwise.

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SOURCE: Crossway
Zack Eswine