Cora Jakes Coleman, Daughter of Bishop T.D. Jakes, Warns Christians Against Modern-Day Idol Worship, Rebukes Some People For Celebrating Beyoncé and her Pregnancy Announcement More Than They Celebrate and Worship God

I’m going to lose some followers and friends, and I am good with that. I have to say this though. After the last two days I have seen people fight for Beyonce via social media, videos, I have seen them bombard people’s broadcast to say their mama, sister, best friend is pregnant. I have seen people dedicating their life for the next months on the wait of her children’s birth. Let me say this: some of y’all excited for Beyonce like you gonna be able to claim her kids on your taxes. Congratulations Beyonce, may your pregnancy be strong, and your children be great. May God cover your family, and may every attack of the enemy be destroyed that would come against you and your family. [However], we don’t know Beyonce from a can of paint. She isn’t your cousin, sister, mama, best friend, auntie, etc y’all need to stop. She is a regular person, that used her gift to make room for her, and you can do the same. If we don’t stop, we will be no different than others who create false idols. We should never put more expression, feeling, and reverence into a person than we do in what is going on in our own life. Some of you are celebrating her more than you clap your hands at church, pay tithes, read your Bible, worship, or pray. Some of you have dedicated the rest of this week to Beyonce listening to all her songs, music videos, and movies. Some of you spending money to send gifts while you don’t have money to keep your lights on. Spending money you should have given in offering on this woman. Am I happy for her? Absolutely But there is a line that shouldn’t be crossed. This is my opinion, you don’t have to agree, you can unfollow me. Just ask yourself seriously how is all this worshipping, fainting, fighting for, setting your clocks and timers for the birth of her children, and so on about Beyonce any different than worshipping false idols? Pull it together people. Tell this girl congratulations, and move on!! #ThoughtsFromCora
Definition of worship: The feeling or expression of reverence and adoration for a deity

SOURCE: Cora Jakes Coleman Facebook