Robert Jeffress Says Christian Refugees Should Be Given Preference Over Muslim Refugees

Pastor Robert Jeffress of First Baptist Church in Dallas, Texas, has backed Donald Trump’s National Prayer Breakfast speech on Thursday, where the U.S. president vowed to stop terrorism, the “unimaginable violence” carried out in the name of religion, and to save Christian refugees.

“We have seen unimaginable violence carried out in the name of religion,” Trump said on Thursday as part of his speech. “Horrors on a scale that defy description.”

“Terrorism is a fundamental threat to religious freedom. It must be stopped, and it will be stopped,” he added.

Responding to those comments in an interview with FOX Business on Thursday, Jeffress said that he and Trump talked on the same subject a few weeks ago.

“He understands that Christianity is the most persecuted religion in the world,” the pastor said.

“100 Years ago, the primary engine for the persecution against Christians was Communism. Today, it’s Islam. Nine out of the top 10 nations persecuting Christians are Muslim majority nations, which is why President Trump is absolutely correct in giving preference to Syrian refugees who are Christians,” he claimed.

Persecution watchdog groups, such as Open Doors USA, have been reporting on the rise of Christian persecution around the world for years.

The organization’s latest World Watch List, which ranks the countries where Christians face the most severe persecution, does indeed point out that nine of the top 10 countries are Muslim-majority nations — with North Korea, at the very top of the list, being the only exception.

“They can’t go to other Muslim countries, they face persecution there, and he is right to give preference to those refugees in our country,” Jeffress added about the plight of the Christian refugees.

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SOURCE: The Christian Post
Stoyan Zaimov