Liberty Counsel Attorney To Testify Against LGBT Law In Jacksonville, FL Tomorrow (Mr. President, This Is the Havoc You Are Allowing To Continue Across the Nation By Keeping Obama’s Homosexual Executive Order)

Liberty Counsel’s Assistant Vice President of Legal Affairs, Roger K. Gannam, will testify at a specially called city council meeting tomorrow against a proposed ordinance that would add “sexual orientation” and “gender identity” as protected classes under Jacksonville law. The meeting, called by Council Member Bill Gulliford, will take place in the Council Chamber at 2:00 PM.

Ordinance 2017-15, known as the “Human Rights Ordinance,” was previously defeated twice in Jacksonville, with help from Liberty Counsel and others. However, radical leftist activists are once again trying to impose this special LGBT rights ordinance on Jacksonville’s citizens and businesses, hoping to implement its most objectionable provisions through deceptive language.
“Jacksonville does not have a LGBT discrimination problem that needs to be solved,” said Gannam. “This law unnecessarily burdens Jacksonville’s businesses and citizens, forcing them to open their women’s facilities to men, and forcing them to celebrate the same-sex relationships of others under threat of fines and imprisonment, or simply being put out of business.”
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