How Some Churches Grow Without Getting Bigger

glasgowbury | Flickr
glasgowbury | Flickr
Butts-in-the-seats growth is great. But it’s not going to happen for every church. That’s never a reason to give up, coast along, or offer excuses.

Do all healthy things grow?


If a church is healthy, will it grow?

Also, yes.

Will that growth always result in larger congregational attendance?

Not so fast.

When Church Growth Theory Meets Church Life Reality

I know it seems logical.

If a church is healthy they’ll be reaching people for Jesus. And if they’re reaching people for Jesus, there will be more people in the church building. Right?


There’s just one problem with that seemingly rock-solid theory. When we observe things in the real world, it doesn’t always pan out that way.

Sure, there are healthy churches that are growing numerically, and a lot of unhealthy ones that aren’t. But there are a lot of healthy, outward-reaching churches that don’t see the kind of butts-in-the-seats growth they’ve been told is inevitable.

Including the great church I get to pastor.

So if all healthy things grow, how is growth happening in churches that aren’t seeing the expected increase in attendance?

Here are three ways I’ve seen:

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SOURCE: Christianity Today
Karl Vaters