WATCH: Donnie McClurkin Says Christians Can’t Be Neutral on Sin: ‘We Have to Judge the Right From the Wrong’


In a day and age where it seems like anything goes, Pastor Donnie McClurkin is admonishing the Church to call out sin and distinguish right from wrong, despite the mainstream opinion.

In a sermon delivered from Perfecting Faith Church in Freeport, NY, the Pentecostal preacher said to his home congregation, “We’ve got to be judges in this generation.”

While those who remain neutral regarding their views on sin often use Matthew 7:1, which says, “Judge not, that ye be not judged,” to justify their neutrality, McClurkin, 57, disagrees with that viewpoint.

“We can’t say who’s going to heaven or hell, but we can tell you what is right and what is and you may not like what I say, but the truth is, we’ve got to judge the truth from a lie,” he said.

The Church of God In Christ minister clearly is not swayed by America’s extreme focus on political correctness and inclusion. He is intent on proclaiming the infallible nature of God and the truth of Bible, no matter who opposes it.

“We’ve got to judge the right from the wrong, even if it goes against society,” said the three-time GRAMMY®, 11-time Stellar, and three-time Dove Award winning singer/songwriter and top-rated syndicated radio show host.

Despite the harsh backlash that comes with criticizing sin, McClurkin has no fear.

“Society is a monster that one rock can take down. Society is a Goliath that one David can take out. We are not afraid of Goliath,” he said, metaphorically using the biblical story found in 1 Samuel 17 as his foundation.

As the enthusiastic crowd stood enrapt, he reminded them that, “We come in the name of the living God.”

McClurkin certainly practices what he preaches. In 2013, gay rights advocates went on a witch hunt over the minister’s teaching that those bound by same-sex attractions can change, causing him to withdraw from a MLK Memorial in Washington, D.C.

To this day, he has not stopped teaching it.

Watch the powerful sermon clip below.

Can he get an amen?

SOURCE: EEW Magazine – Rebecca Johson