New York Sex Offender Dismembers Girlfriend


Love apparently wasn’t enough to stop a Brooklyn sex offender from murdering his girlfriend and dismembering her body — stuffing her head in a freezer, next to her foot with his name tattooed on it, sources said Monday.

Somorie Moses, 40, is facing a homicide charge after being arrested on Sunday afternoon at his home in Flatbush.

The longtime pimp is suspected of killing his girlfriend — a known prostitute — and throwing her limbs and headless torso in the trash, according to police sources.

The remains eventually turned up at Metropolitan Transfer Station on Halleck Street in Hunts Point, where a worker found them last Tuesday.

After tracking the garbage back to Moses, cops showed up at his doorstep and executed a search warrant. Once inside, sources said officers stumbled upon the victim’s head, hands and feet — crammed away inside a large chest freezer.

One foot had a tattoo of Moses’ name on it, sources said.

So far, authorities have only charged Moses with concealing a human corpse, but sources said he is believed to have killed the woman before disposing of her body.

The victim’s family told investigators that she had been dating a man and living with him in Brooklyn, but wouldn’t say who. They claimed that she was being treated badly and abused.

Blood was found spattered all around the apartment, which Moses attempted to clean up using bleach, sources said.

Cops also found men’s and women’s clothing soaked in blood inside the residence, which police are working to extract DNA from, the sources added.

The dead woman was not identified by police Monday as the Medical Examiner’s office continued to investigate the recovered body parts.

Records show that Moses is a registered Level 2 sex offender who was busted back in 2006 for promoting the prostitution of a girl under 16.

SOURCE: Shawn Cohen, Daniel Prendergast and Chris Perez
New York Post