Kellyanne Conway Speaks at March for Life, Emphasizes White House’s Commitment to Pro-Life Cause


The Trump administration has gone all-in for the pro-life movement today.

As noted earlier, Mike Pence made the first appearance by a sitting vice president in the 44-year history of the March for Life, and Donald Trump’s close adviser Kellyanne Conway started off the program with an impressive speech.

Before heading out to the event, Conway made an appearance on Fox & Friends to emphasize the White House commitment to protecting life — and used a surprising and familiar construct for it:

“We believe in the sanctity of life,” Conway tells the hosts from the White House. “I think if we can promote and protect life from conception to natural death, it says an awful lot about our country.” Indeed it would, and it’s a refreshing change to hear that coming from the highest levels of our government after eight years of praise for Planned Parenthood. As Conway says later in the same part of the interview, it’s even more remarkable coming from the administration of a man who was clearly pro-choice until recently, and whose commitment to the pro-life cause was questioned on that basis. So far, so good.

Conway’s language should ring a bell with Catholics, too — and prompts another question.Catholics around the world routinely pray at Mass for exactly how Conway puts it here. Conway in fact introduced herself to the March for Life today as “a wife, a mom, a Catholic,” so she understands that the mission to “protect life from conception to natural death” comes straight out of the “seamless garment” doctrine of Catholicism on life-related issues.

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