Woman Claims Magic Johnson Has Secret 35-Year-Old Love Child Who He Abandoned and Says He Had His Advisor Try and Strong-Arm Her Into Getting an Abortion


A woman has come forward claiming that Magic Johnson is the son of her 35-year-old son, and that the basketball great abandoned the boy after he was born – and refused to provide for his child. 

In an interview with the National Enquirer, Renee Perkins said that she began dating Johnson in 1981, bit that he split early the following years when she revealed she was pregnant.

Soon after, she gave birth to son Chauncey, who is now a real estate agent living and working in Atlanta, Georgia.

Renee raised Chauncey all by her own she claims, with Johnson refusing to ever offer a helping hand.

That is because the lab where she had a paternity test done lost the results that she claims would prove Johnson was the boy’s father.

A rep for Johnson did not respond to a request for comment from DailyMail.com.

‘It tore me apart because I really didn’t want to have or raise a child on my own,’ said Renee of Johnson’s decision to abandon her when she got pregnant.

She also claims that after she got pregnant, Johnson had his ‘advisor’ Dr. Charles Tucker talk to her.

‘[Dr. Tucker] told me I really had to get an abortion, and that Magic was not going to be with me because he had his career to worry about,’ claimed Renee.

To support her claim, Renee provided proof that both she and Johnson had taken a blood test and a phone conversation from 1985 in which he allegedly acknowledges her son Chauncey.

Three years prior to that phone call Renee filed a paternity suit, but said she had to stop pursuing it when she ran out of money to pay for an attorney.

And seven years later, in 1989, she was told that the results of Johnson’s blood test were ‘lost’ by the lab.

Even without Johnson’s help and money, Renee still seems to have raised a successful son though, who is currently employed by Perks by Perk Real Estate Group LLC.

Johnson married Earlitha ‘Cookie’ Kelly in 1991, and the pair have two children – daughter Elisa and son EJ.

It was that same year that Johnson publicly admitted that he had contracted HIV.

He also has a son Andre who was born in 1981 as a result of his relationship with Melissa Mitchell.

SOURCE: Mail Online
Chris Spargo